Information for Grant Holders

Church Grants for Buildings

We will inform your nominated contact person via email once a grant has been awarded.  On receipt of the grant confirmation email please ensure that you respond to us accepting the terms and conditions of the grant as requested within the confirmation email.

Only one claim per grant can be permitted. When you are in a position to claim your grant please submit all required documentation to us via email for processing.

Your  grant is valid for a period of 24 months from date of approval.  If you are not yet in a position to start your project,  we will hold your grant for up to two years.  After that time, your grant will lapse and you may need to reapply.

Once your grant has been claimed and the project completed, you may apply again for future grants after a period of two years has elapsed from the previous grant approval date.  Each application is considered on its merits, we are therefore unable to  guarantee approval of  another grant to the same organisation.

Monitoring your grant – if we provide a grant we may ask you to complete an end of grant report to confirm how the grant has been spent and what you achieved.

Please keep us up to date if your project or any of your contact details change at any stage.

church grant for buildings

We may request your permission to provide details of how the grant to your organisation was used and the benefits to the community to promote its activities on our website.   We would also appreciate it if any promotion of the completed works could include our logo or mention of our  involvement.

If you wish to obtain the Trust logo for promotional purposes please email [email protected] stating the required format, ie jpeg, png or eps.

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