How to Apply

To apply for a grant please download the application form below.

PLEASE NOTE NEXT TRUST MEETING IS 6th SEPTEMBER AND CLOSING DATE FOR GRANT APPLICATIONS IS 16TH  AUGUST 2022. Applications must be received no later than 10.00 am on closing date.  Please try to submit your application early and not leave until the last minute.

  • It is important that your complete the form satisfactorily.  You may be refused a grant if you leave any relevant questions unanswered, if we cannot read your writing, or if any part of the documentation is in a language other than English.
  • You will need to attach your church accounts including balance sheet, and any documentation supporting the estimated cost of the project.
  • Appeal leaflets and project literature will be helpful; but you must fill in all the details requested on the form.  It is not enough to write “See attached document”.
  • You may be refused a grant if the only accounts you submit are those for the project; or if you fail to show the church’s capital assets, or any other grants you have received.
  • The receipt of the Application Form will be acknowledged, preferably by email.  Please provide a contact email address, if possible.  Otherwise we will use regular postal mail.


Grant Application Form
Download here  

Please note that you will need Microsoft Word version 2007 and above to open and edit  the DOCX file.   Please save the file, complete the form and  return the completed form to  us via email to  [email protected]

If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Word,  and have trouble  downloading and opening the file, please download this PDF version, print and complete by hand.

Grant Application Form – PDF Version

The completed form can be scanned and emailed to  [email protected]     or send by post to our Administrator:-

Trish Thorpe
Trust Administrator
Congregational and General Charitable Trust
PO Box 1111
Lincoln LN5 0WJ

Charity Registration No. 297013. A Limited Company registered in England No. 2114948